Tuesday, July 6, 2010

EARTH TO MOM'S!!! HELLO??? Is there Anybody home??

I believe more people should read this, especially, if you are a parent!!!!

I truly believe that woman need to WAKE the HELL up and realize that,
once you have children, you are a Mother first and fore most!! No matter what!!

The reason why kids these days are so disrespectful and ignorant to the world around them, is because they are growing up in daycare,their parents pick them up, feed them and put them to bed,
or they are coming home to empty houses at the end of their school day!!!
If there's nobody there to listen to their daily events @ school, where do you think they are going to turn???
That's right, the computer!!
Chat rooms, facebook, predators and major weirdos, who are always there to listen!!!
Too many parents these days, are expecting other people to raise their children, but expect to take the credit for it!!! It disgusts me how many woman out there are more concerned
with their own social lives, closets, and the corporate ladders they are climbing,
then they are to be home with their children!! Supervising their actions,
and poking their noses where they don't belong!!
Parents, seem to forget that,
That is our RIGHT as Parents, don't EVER forget that!!
Put your foot down more when they are young and cute,
it will be much easier to to do when they are big and ugly!! lol

To Read the rest of this article, please visit Mummy Moments,
it's worth the read, and maybe you could pass it along to someone you know!!!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Conversation Starters & New Members!!!

Hello Everyone,
And welcome to all new members of Yummy Mummies Inc.

I would like to start by saying I know I have been lacking in my blogging these days!! I know I have a lot to offer followers here, but sometimes I feel as if I'm talking to myself!! It would be great to get some follower input. If you've tried a program that I have mentioned here, if you've come across an interesting link here, anything at all of use to you from my blog,lol. Please let me and other members know about it!!

Ask Me or other members Questions
If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask! I love answering questions!! Also asking questions incurrages others members to comment and very quickley a conversation starts!!! Come on give me something to do, lol. If I'm just blabbing on about random stuff that you don't want to know about, how will I know if you don't comment???

New Members:
Do you know somebody who could get something out of Yummy Mummies Inc., feel free to pass the link around!! I love logging in to see we have new members!! New members also have much to offer, so don't be shy!!!

Have a Link You'd Like to Promote?
Post it, or message me and I will feature it !!! I love exploring new sites, and never have a problem promoting a great site or produtc when I see one!! Again, don't be shy!! :)

Well I hope you all are having a Fantastic Day!! Hope to hear from you soon!!!

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